Wheel Alignment Q&A

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Which type of hub mounting (axle alignment fixture) should I use?

The axle alignment fixture is the part of the wheel fixture assembly that attaches to your hub or spindle. Real Square offers several options. Which is best for you will be determined by your hub style and what’s easiest for you to use. There is not a bad choice. All Real Square AAF’s are held to strict tolerances and maintain hub perpendicularity of +/- .001”.

Here’s a basic listing of axle alignment fixture types and functionality:

Hub Mounted Axle Alignment Fixtures (AAF’s):
Hub mounted AAF’s are used when we the hub has accessible mounting holes. Any hub with a bolt on dust cap or drive flange can typically use this style of AAF. Hub Mounted AAF’s are typically the easiest and often the fastest option. Hub mounted AAF’s are also the most accurate, assuming the mounting surface is clean and void of burrs.

Spindle Mounted Axle Alignment Fixtures (AAF’s):
Spindle mounted AAF’s have become our most popular option. Spindle mount AAF’s thread directly onto the spindle. Applications range from stock production style spindles to oval track late models to center nut style Porsche’s and formula cars. These AAF’s are quick and easy to use as long as the spindle is easily accessible. Spindle mount AAF’s are threaded deep, which allow them to replace the spindle nut in applications that have no extra threads.

Spindle mounts also offer additional functionality. A spindle mounted wheel fixture allows the user to measure caster change and pinion angle change without turning the wheels. Rear drive flange adapters are available for wide five & 2” bearing 5×5 applications, which allow the spindle mount AAF to thread directly to the drive flange, eliminating removal and saving time.

Axle Mounted Axle Alignment Fixtures (AAF’s):
In some applications, such as Legends rear ends and stock production axles, an axle mounted AAF must be used. Stock axles have no bolt pattern to mount to. Axle mounted AAF’s slide over the wheel studs directly onto the axle with the wheel going on after to hold the AAF in place. These AAF’s are very accurate, as they sit directly on the wheel mounting flange.

Custom Axle Alignment Fixtures:
We have not yet met an application we couldn’t adapt to. Custom fixtures are available for most any application or request.