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At DRP, we believe that knowledge is speed!  That’s why we want to make sure you have access to valuable information like this in addition to our innovative performance products.  Download Precision Bearing Packer User Instructions PDF and take this important resource with you!

1. Place bearing packer in standard bench vise. Install grease cartridge and bleed grease gun. (Instructions included separately.)

2. Install appropriate bearing seat onto the packer base. Bearing seat is aligned with a locating dowel.

3. Place the bearing onto the bearing seat allowing the needle to locate in between two of the bearing rollers.

4. Carefully squeeze the grease gun handle while watching the top of the bearing. Stop when you see grease pushing out of the bearing top.

5. Lift the bearing slightly and rotate to the next set of rollers. Repeat process until entire bearing is packed.

Tips: If grease pushes out of the bearing bottom before the bearing top, the needle is not properly located between the rollers. No grease will be visible on the outside of the bearing. Replacement needles and custom bearing seats are