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At DRP, we believe that knowledge is speed!  That’s why we want to make sure you have access to valuable information like this in addition to our innovative performance products.  Download Legends RS400PRO Instruction Addendum PDF and take this important resource with you!

Step 1 Notes:

Legends Front Axle Alignment Fixtures thread on to the front spindles. Remove spindle nut if adequate thread is not available outside the nut.

Legends Rear Axle Alignment Fixtures slide over the rear wheel studs in between the axle flange and the wheel. Remove the tire and wheel, slide the fixture onto the studs and replace wheel. Torque lug nuts as normal. This will space your rear wheels out 1/8” on each side. You can adjust for this by locating your rear wheel fixtures 1/8” closer to the tire than the fronts.

Legends systems do not use frame squares. See Step 3 Notes.

Step 2 Notes:

Legends Chassis Mounts attach to the rear bumper. The rear bumper does not need to be straight, each laser will be adjusted after installation.

Step 3 Notes:

First, you will need to establish 2 master chassis points. Typically we use the front and rear “cross member”. This is the rectangular tubing going from left to right at the front and rear firewall.

Measure from each frame rail and establish the center line of each cross member. Use a punch or scribe to mark the points.

Now, align your center laser until it hit both center chassis points. Use the thumb screw and slide the laser stand left to right as necessary.

With the center laser “square” with the chassis, now measure over to the right and left side lasers to make them parallel with the center. Use (2) tape measures to do this. One in front of the rear tires and one in front of the car.

Now, you have 3 laser lines, parallel each other and square with the chassis.

You can now read all four wheel locations.