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(Conventional Procedure)

Step 1: With bearings clean and dry (no grease), adjust bearing spacer out to 3/4 of it’s maximum length.
Step 2: Install hub with bearing spacer between bearings. Completely tighten spindle nut. Rock hub to check for end play in the bearings. If no end play is noticed, adjust spacer out longer and repeat step 2 until end play exists.
Step 3: Remove spacer and adjust in (shorter) until end plat is removed. To increase accuracy and performance, use a dial caliper or micrometer and measure the spacer height and adjust in (shorter) .001”-.002” per try until proper end play is achieved. (.001” end play typical)

Be sure to completely tighten spindle nut each time. Tighten spacer set screw or use thread locker to prevent accidental adjustment. When no set screw is present, apply thread locker before final adjustment.

Your goal is to set the hub bearings with zero bearing load and no more than .001” end play (with the bearings dry). Some hubs may require slight bearing pre-load (.0005-.001”), consult hub manufacturer for exact specifications.