Wheel Alignment Q&A

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How do I use my chassis squaring tabs?

*see What are master chassis points? for an introduction to this article.

With your Real Square system, you can use your chassis squaring tabs. However, to save time, we suggest referencing two additional points on your chassis for weekly wheel alignment. These two points can be a left or right side frame rail or the chassis center line, any points will work as long as they run parallel with the wheels. The farther apart the points, the more consistent your weekly alignment will be.

Here’s an example of how to establish two additional squaring points:

Your chassis includes tabs on your rear clip for squaring the rear end. Simply drop plumb lines from the squaring tabs to the floor. Then pull a straight line across them. Next, pull a line perpendicular to the first line (you can use the 3-4-5 triangle method) up the side of the chassis, along the frame rail. Drop a plumb line from the front and back of that rail and measure over to your master line. If the front of the frame rail is 1/8” IN verses the back, simply add 1/8” to your front frame square measurement. This method accomplishes the same thing as your squaring tabs – except it’s even better. By using the frame rail, you can square your rear off of the wheel location, not the axle tube. The wheel location is what the chassis feels and it takes into account bent axle tube snouts, etc.