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At DRP, we believe that knowledge is speed!  That’s why we want to make sure you have access to valuable information like this in addition to our innovative performance products.  Download GM Caliper Mount Jig User Instructions PDF and take this important resource with you!

1. Prepare caliper mount and spindle for installation. Mount the hub and brake disc onto the spindle.

2. Attach caliper mount to jig using the screws provided. Adjust the locating pins to the disc diameter desired. Caliper mount bolts to the back side of the jig, opposite the engraving and locating pins.

3. Place the jig face onto the brake disc. Allow the locating pins to touch the outer diameter of the disc. Using a pair of vise grips or a C-clamp, clamp the jig to the disc. You may add a second clamp to the disc to prevent the hub from spinning.

4. Weld the caliper mount or mounting tabs to the spindle body. Weld small stitches on opposite sides to prevent pulling. Remove the hub and disc to complete welding.

5. The caliper mount should be parallel to the disc with the brake pads at the outermost point to make full contact.