DRP Performance Products of Rocky Mount, Virginia, is the exclusive licensee of US patent No. 6,312,162, for Adjustable Bearing Spacers, effective April 1, 2011. DRP now holds the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute adjustable bearing spacers under this license. Patent No. 6,312,162 covers threaded adjustable bearing spacers for dual bearing applications, such as wheel hubs.

DRP Performance Products has been a pioneer in the adjustable bearing spacer market, introducing the first adjustable spacer for wide five style hubs in 2005.  Adjustable bearing spacers are now available from DRP for over 20 popular applications.

Adjustable bearing spacers allow the user to precisely set the bearing spacing which in turn reduces bearing temperature, friction, wear and maintenance while allowing the hub to spin more freely.  DRP also manufactures and sells a complete line of tools to accurately set adjustable bearing spacers in addition to bearing kits, complete hub assemblies and precision bearing packers.

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