Bearing Spacer/ULD Seal Spin Test Analysis

July 23, 2012

Patented DRP Adjustable Bearing Spacers increase wheel spin by over 1200% or .63 miles!

Installing DRP bearing spacers will increase how freely your car rolls, putting more horsepower to the track and decreasing corner drag. Install our low drag hub components and you will feel the difference. We guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back!

DRP Ultra Low Drag Hub Seals increase wheel spin by over 1100% or .18 miles!

Using DRP Ultra Low Drag Hub Seals will increase free spin, improve sealing (vs. other low drag hub seals) and save you money! DRP ULD seals are ultra light weight and have only 1.25 in lbs of resistance per wheel! Made in the USA with an all aluminum housing and full PTFE lip. DRP ULD seals are reusable, paying for themselves quickly. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Test # Details Spindle Nut Torque Average Revolutions Average Miles
1A No Bearing Spacer; No Seal 10 ft lbs 42.5 .057
2A With 10503 Bearing Spacer Set to “0”; No Seal 10 ft lbs 513.5 .690
1B With Bearing Spacer & Standard “Blue” Seal 10 ft lbs 13.5 .018
2B With Bearing Spacer & DRP Ultra Low Drag Seal 10 ft lbs 149 .200

Coast Down Tests Performed on DRP Test Fixture (Typical average of 3+ Tests) Average Test Variance: +/- 2.5% Temperature: 78degF Mileage based off 85” Diameter Tire

Hub: Wilwood Starlite 55 Rear Hub with LW 1.25” Rotor, REM® Finished Timken® Bearings (P/N 007 10550), Cleaned & Wet Lubed (No grease)

US Patent No. 6,312,162